Flashing the same girl(s) multiple times

Story 1

The place was a nice little park with two small ponds. I started flashing there, and continued at this place until I moved elsewhere in my early 20s. The first time I saw these two girls was when I flashed them near a road where they walked. They stopped and got quite excited and then stood looking at me until I cum. After that we parted ways.

Some time later (probably a few days or so) I observed them as they sat on a park bench quite high up in the park. Since I hadn't observed them like that before I assumed they actually was out to see me again. I went past them once or twice, but shy as I am, I didn't dare to approach them directly, rather I walked the natural path that was quite a bit away from them. After that I found it too suspicious to continue with that strategy, so I left them without doing anything else.

The next time I saw them they had selected a better park bench that was close to the natural paths. It was in the out-skirts of the park, but still well hidden so people couldn't see it from outside. I still didn't dare to walk up to them, but rather placed myself behind a little to one side, and started flashing them again. I saw that they noticed me, and I kept jerking off until I cum again. They showed some interest, but they didn't look as much as the first time.

After some more time they once more sat on the same park bench. I repeated the same thing as the last time, but this time they got up and started walking away slowly. I decided to follow them, and they kept giving me glances from time to time. They walked slowly in a big circle through half of the park, obviously waiting for me to cum again. I decided I wanted to last as long as possible, and so I was in no hurry. After a while one of the girls started to fake masturbating and making some sounds. Shortly afterwards they walked straight into the park in front of me and then stopped looking straight at me, as if they were waiting for me to finish-off. I did quite quickly with that kind of attention. I think they said something as I cum just in front of them, but I don't remember what.

Then it took some time before I saw them a last time. It was in the centre of the park, and they were standing there waiting for something. I flashed them again, but this time they looked kind of uninterested. Finally, they left for the park again, and went into a bush, maybe expecting me to follow them there. I hesitated, and took some extra round in the park before I had worked up my guts, but by that time they were gone.

Story 2

The place was a small grove with a mixture of bushes and trees. It was situated close to a path where many people walked or biked. There was a particulary good spot where you could watch people up to 50 metres away without them seeing you. I used this place a lot from time to time to make safe "flashes" where I could get off to nice girls walking by very closely (some 5 metres only) without them knowing. Of course, this is not as exciting as the real thing, but it was safe.

At this particular flash a cute girl (perhaps in her mid 20s) came walking towards me. I was jerking off as usual, and had a position where she might see me if she was alert enough (I sometimes used this tactic to make it more exciting). I suspect she noticed me at some point as she walked towards me but she made no visible reaction and kept on walking and passing me. She seemed to look my way as she passed me, but it was very sublte. Then maybe half a minute later she comes back and this time she definitely is looking my way. Then she gets real bold and leaves the path and starts walking into the bush were I stand. I panic right away, dress up and leave the place. Well, almost, because I stop maybe some 50 metres away. I can see that she is now standing on the path obviously waiting for me to return. However, I'm unable to walk towards a flashee like that, unless I can find a natural path, which I couldn't do in this case. So I left the place instead.

I frequented the place every day in the hope of seeing the girl again. Sure enough, a week later she comes walking again (from the opposite direction). She once again looks into the bushes (obviously to check if I'm there). I watch her while jerking off. At first she seems to think about doing that same bold thing again, but then changes her mind and continues walking until she is in front of me just beside the path. She stands there, half-turned so she can see me from the corner of her eyes. This was naturally a big turn-on for me, and within a short period of time I started to cum. She actually seemed to notice, and turned towards me to get a better look. After I was done she just walks away as if nothing happened. It's also interesting to note that some people passed the "scene" while this was happening, but they had no idea what was actually happening. The girl just stood there and didn't give them any sign why she did that.

This success made me continue to frequent the place for several months, but I never saw her again. I think she was only after seing a guy get-off, and after she had seen that she really had no interest anymore.

Story 3

The first time was in a bushed area near a path. I used this place for a while mostly for hidden flashes where nobody saw anything. I had a good view of people passing, and I could hide pretty well. It was two girls, one blond and the other dark-haired in their late teens. They accidentally spotted me as they walked on a side-path, and seemed to get very excited about it. They continued to walk until they were in front of me, and then paused to watch. They could see me through the bushes. I was masturbating for them, and was in no hurry. After a while they left the same way they came from. I thought that was it, but a few minutes later they appeared again, walking the same path. They once more stopped in front of me watching me. After a while I ejactulated while they were watching, and then left the place.

The next time was around the same area. They were walking and chatting with each others, and I stood a little beside the side-path. They seemed to recognize me as they passed me. I exposed myself after they had passed me, and they saw that as they looked back out of curiosity. Then they continued on the path towards the place they've seen me the first time. I thought I'd get there before them so I used a short-cut, but then discovered that they had turned around and were heading back to were they originally saw me. They passed my original position and headed into an inner "yard" and sat down on a park bench there waiting for me. I didn't dare to approach them closer than maybe 10 metres, and instead placed myself behind them, again masturbating. The dark-haired girl got off from the park bench walked some metres sideways, quickly turned to me to get a glance, and then quickly went back and sat down again. She did this once or twice. After a while they got bored and got up again, and started to walk towards me. I then started walking out of there, trying to get them to another place. They followed me for a while, but then went the other way, and stopped at about the same place they've seen me cum the first time. After seeing that they didn't intend to follow me, I turned back. As I approached them, they started walking another way. We played the following game for a while, until I had to leave as I had an appointment I couldn't miss.

A while later they were sitting on some platforms near a school in the same area. As I passed them on a nearby path, they started talking loudly as to inform me of their presence. They had obviously recognized me before I've seen them. This time they kept sitting on the platforms, and didn't move. As I couldn't approach them enough to get a good view, I masturbated at some distance. I then decided it wouldn't work, so I left. As I left, they started talking loudly again, asking me if I were leaving. I did a final attempt at approaching them, but it didn't work so I gave up. It is noticable that several people passed them as they were sitting there, some of them which they appeared to know, but they didn't give them any hint of what they were up to.

Because of modifications to the environment I didn't see them for several years. This time it was in the middle of the winter. It was at another place, further down the first path. They first passed me, and looked a little, then went to the shopping mall that was nearby. After a while they came back. They saw me again as I was jerking off. They passed me, but then suddendly decided to take another path which led to the previous yard area. They went around a corner, and then stopped a little further down. I followed them, but then stopped just after the corner. I masturbated for them, and they looked at me all the time. They then moved a little further, and started embracing each others (I don't know if it was the cold or what). Not much more happened, as I couldn't make myself approach them.

Several more years probably passed before I saw them in a nearby area. It was behind a fence, which was very convinient. This was also in the winter. They walked on the nearby path, saw me masturbate, passed me, and then stopped. The blond girl then lays down in the snow besides the path, while the dark-haired girl turned towards me and started to watch me. I moved a little behind the fence to get a better look and then masturbated for a while, but it was too cold so I could never ejaculate. Several people passed us on the path, and again, the girls didn't give them any clues of what was happening. As the dark-haired girl was too far away for me to get a good look (it was also dark), I saw some other girls coming my way and decided to switch flashee. I got back to my original position, and masturbated as they passed me, but they didn't notice me. However, then something unexpected happens. The blond girl stands up, and they both start walking towards me. I'm still masturbating, but they pass me and won't look at me at all, and then leave the place. Obviously they got offended by me masturbating for other girls!

Story 4

I remember especially one girl in high school. She didn't seem to know any of the girls who sometimes teased and taunted me (knowing I was a flasher). I clearly remember flashing her and then recognizing her in school a couple of weeks afterwards. She recognized me too but never seemed to have shared what she had seen me do with anyone else. I saw her with girl friends several times, chatting and laughing, and every time she gave me long meaningful looks, smiling slyly, but said nothing to her friends. I used to blush and get an erection. I often thought of her when I masturbated because she was very beautiful. She was one of those unspeakably wonderful girls whose very existence compelled my wanting to flash, time and time again. Pervy worship by showing my erection was my way of handling the intense admiration and horniness girls like her provoked, every day.

To think that a girl like her may actually have wanted to speak to me in an interested way was in those days beyond my comprehension. I was too stuck in my perversion, on the one hand, and on the other hand the other openly taunting girls I sometimes came across in school made me feel awkwardly deviant, not exactly a boost to my confidence in relating normally to girls in those teenage years.

The first time I flashed that particular girl she had a friend with her, a more plain girl beside that stunning beauty. It was at the outskirts of a park. I was on my bike, slowly rolling past them with my excited erection and large balls out in the open. The plain girl frowned I think, but my eyes were on the beauty, and she smiled a surprised but open warm smile while gawking at my quite impressive organ pointing straight up, hard and twitching from sheer lust. Wow! That was heaven, getting such a smile from a wonderful girl looking straight at my naked excitement! It was one of those eagerly sought after but rare dream reactions to a flash – happy, smiling interest. That smile became etched in my mind. I can still see it.

Less than a week later I spotted the same girl walking along a more or less deserted street, by an empty lot, near the park where I had last flashed her. Once again I was cycling and hurried a little towards her, then slowed down as I approached. I had my organs out underneath my jacket and when I came closer I pulled the jacket up, thus exposing my rapidly hardening cock. She must have recognized me because seconds before I exposed myself she started to smirk in a knowing but not unfriendly way, and when my growing erection was revealed her smirk widened to almost a smile, first eyeing my member then looking me somewhat quizzicaly straight i the eye, still with a smile playing on her lips. I rolled slowly past, didn't dare stop, although afterwards I realized that she had slowed down and most probably would have talked to me. She very obviously regarded me as quite harmless. She was a beautiful young woman and I was a horny but also basically timid boy (which must have shown), never mind my impressive physical manhood. Apart from my mind being solely on the flashing as such I wouldn't have had the confidence at that age to talk with her in other than embarrassed terms. I loved her smiling reaction, it remains a cherished memory, but I was stuck in my deviant and inexperienced mindset when it came to actual contact.

It was after that last flash that I saw her in school, as I've described. A couple of days after that I once again cycled around the area where she had seen me earlier on two occasions. (It was one of my favorite flashing areas.) After a while I spotted two girls in an ideal place, just standing there. When I came closer I saw it was that beauty again, and her plain friend. They looked in my direction with obvious anticipation. I didn't disappoint them and this time I stopped about 15 meters away from them and exposed my erection, now also stroking it slowly, just lightly with my fingertips. They remained standing, looking intently at what I did, with serious but interested facial expressions. I thought I might cum but then some other people showed up some distance away. I hid my organs under my jacket again and cycled off, away from the girls.

I never flashed that girl again but on a few more occasions I spotted her in school. As before she never seemed to have said anything to anyone else, but always smirked knowingly and sort of secretively in my direction if she spotted me.

Story 5

I am currently doing a masters and I need to study a lot and Marie (fake name) is also studying and when we chatted on facebook she asked me if I wanted to go to her university library to study together even if we are not in the same field of study and even if I live 1 hour drive away from her. I said ok since I always have fun with her and we rarely see each other in person (once or twice a year). While preparing to go there I started to say that maybe I would not wear boxer shorts so it would be easier for me to masturbate under the table. She jokingly said I dare you to do that... it's a huge library and there is always people around.

When I arrived at her place, everything was normal and off we went to the library and sat beside each other’s. We began our work and we were working hard for a few hours. Then, at one point she turns to me and asks if I was really not wearing boxer shorts. I told her maybe or maybe not... if I get my dick out maybe you'll see... until then ... you can only guess... from that moment the curious and horny switch was on for her and for me! Every few minutes we would stop working and she would look down to see if she could guess if I had boxers on or not.

After a while, everyone in the library started to leave and only a few people remained but they could not directly see us because of the study desk with a big front panel. We could still see their legs but not their upper body. I started to slide down on the chair a little bit to have the zipper of my shorts under the desk and I unzipped it. I made it clear I was doing that because of the sound of it. I looked at her and she was there with her eyes wide open and said '' you are not going to take that out right now are you?'' I only smiled and continue to work on my studies. A few minutes later I sent my hand under the desk started to fluff and when it became hard I masturbated slowly just caressing it. I then told her '' you don't think I would be bold enough to do that don't you?'' she said '' I don't know... are you?'' ''I said do you want a proof visually or tactile?'' She did not answer but I took her hand and sent it under the table for her to grab it. You should have seen her face when she took it in her hand! Eyes wide open, mouth open saying OMG! Eyes went looking around to make sure no one could see us.

She slowly went up and down with her hand until we heard someone coming and she removed her hand and put one finger in her mouth looking kinky as ever with her smile. She said ''OMG I didn't think you would dare to do that!'' I slide my chair back revealing my dick out in the open '' what? you didn't think I could do that?'' we both laughed and she grabbed it again but both of us were scared of getting caught and she stopped saying ''there is still too many people around here for now I think'' She was right because there were people only 3 desk away from us and I could see at least 10 pairs of legs from where I was.

We worked a little more but my horny switch was on and I could not stop thinking about it. Since our table was in a corner, I changed place to get my back to the corner and face the rest of the library and book alleys. I could now see by raising my eyes and I didn't have to turn around. I was now in front of her with a table and our laptop between us. Since we were not close to each other I wrote to her on facebook that I was'' still working on my you know what ... '' I saw her eyes look up at me and she whispered '' you are not doing that right now in front of me without me being able to look or touch!'' I nodded my head with a big smile. I had my dick out in the open and was masturbating fiercely while looking at her. She saw my body moving due to the masturbation and she saw my face having pleasure. She wrote to me on facebook: '' it's not fair I am here working hard on my stuff but I can no longer concentrate with you doing this in front of me''. I answered '' you can come help me if you want'' she said she would not go there, there were way too many people around us and we would get caught.

I excused myself and said I was going to take a walk. I put my dick back inside after standing up and showing it to her a few seconds. I went to get paper towels in the bathroom and came back. She asked me if I went there to finish the job and told her '' no I only went there to get paper towels to finish the job here. you want to help me?'' She smiled so bright and she said she would love to see me finish!!!!! After a few minutes of trying to convince her to come to my side saying no one could see us in here I'm sure of it! She came to my side and sat next to me while I was masturbating and she looked directly to my cock and could not look anywhere else. I told her '' go ahead grab it it will help me to cum faster'' and she grabbed it. She masturbated me and she stared in my eyes and then right to my cock. She asked me how we would proceed to finish. I told her'' I can offer you 3 scenarios: 1 I finish myself in the paper towels and you look 2. You finish me in the paper towels or 3 you get my cock in your mouth and suck me dry'' I told her that whatever she chooses I was close to cuming. She said:'' no way I suck you in here there is way to many people around here'' I said '' well if I can stand like this in front of you with my dick out... I think you ...'' I did not finish my sentence she had my dick in her mouth and to my surprise she could deep throat!!!!!! I told her I was going to cum really quickly since I masturbated for an hour and she did not give a fuck she was sucking me like there was no tomorrow!

I was looking around to make sure no one could see us and I made I contact with someone at a desk but she could only see my face and not see her sucking me! I trying to stay as neutral as possible and even started to stretch my harms. Maximum 2 minutes after I grabbed the back of her head and whispers I was about to cum and she stopped deep throating me and had the tip of my dick in her mouth because she LOVES cum! (She told me before) I cam in her mouth and it was the best feeling in the world! It was hard to look around while cumming. After a few seconds of cumming, I hear someone coming and I sat down and hid my dick. She still had my cum in her mouth and she looked at me in the eyes and swallowed it all with a smile like it was candies.

Story 6

I believe I was about 15 or 16 at the time. We had a small pool (cement) in our backyard with a patio attached. It was only about 3ft deep, but on hot days it was nice to take a dip to cool off. In the summers I usually slept in a small screened in area adjacent to the pool. It proved to be a good staging point for my "adventures".

There were two girls that liked to come over to swim when it was hot. They were about 11-12yrs old, and just entering puberty. The girls at that time didn't get a womans body at 12, like they do these days.

I certainly couldn't let them be unsupervised in our pool, so I would stick around while they swam.

I decided to join them in the pool, and we splashed around. They both wore one piece suits and I wore swimming trunks. At this time I was thoroughly aroused by exposing myself when the chances were right. This was a good chance.

I started by making sure my shorts were baggy enough. When I would dive under I made sure my dick and balls were visible. I also sat on the side of the pool doing the same while pretending to not notice. From the corner of my eye I could see that they were circling around in the pool and getting glimpses of what I was displaying. They would huddle together and giggle. They were certainly not scared off or disinterested. I was very much encouraged, and after they would leave I would have an awesome masturbation and orgasm.

Over the summer the same two girls would come over to swim maybe once per week. I did the same shorts routine on the second visit, and as each time happened I became bolder.

Eventually I would go to the screened room and remove my trunks, wrap a towel around and then come out to the patio. I then would recline on a lounge chair and innocently raise my legs to a bent position giving a full view of my dick and balls. The girls could get a clear view from the pool water and they would be looking straight at my groin. I, of course, pretended to doze and shut my eyes, almost. The idea of them getting a clear view, multiple times was exhilarating. As before, both girls were not turned off or afraid to look. I could not get a decent erection as I was too nervous, but my cock was hanging well. I suppose if I had a raging hard on they may not have kept returning, like they did.

Every visit I would repeat this exercise and also strip naked in the screened area and stand by the door. Occasionally I would cough (always a good attention getter) and they would look over. They knew I was naked, and they did not shy away. It was awesome.

I was thinking how I could get them to consent to viewing me up close in the screen room. The girls were sitting in chairs by the pool. I stood with the door partially open and waved them to come over. One girl almost immediately got up but the other stopped her and then they whispered together. They did not take me up on my gesture. Damn. Still, I was able to give an unobstructed view of myself naked to these 2 young girls.

One occasion they brought another girl with them, who I believe was a relative of one of them. She was about 13 and certainly developing a nice body. The two regular girls had certainly informed the third that she was going to see a naked guy otherwise she would not have come with them. I performed my usual exposing with the towel, and the new girl was more embarrassed than the younger ones, as she actively turned away. She did see though. It was very exciting to be able to expose to 3 girls at once and not have them run away!

In hindsight, they obviously didn't tell their parents, and even if they did, they were not prevented from returning.

These events happened in the 1970's, so there was, at that time ,not so much angst from society that would follow many years later.