Becoming a flasher

Story 1

In retrospect it's obvious how I went through different stages as a budding flasher.

The first stage was before I ever flashed anyone intentionally – the period from about 9-10 when I first started to masturbate and enjoy looking at beautiful girls, and the period from 11-12 when my masturbation habits became firmly established and very frequent. Even before 12 I had grown very fast, got pubic hair, my penis had got MUCH bigger, and I had started to ejaculate prodiguous amounts when I came. On one occasion when I was 12 and masturbated outside in a small wood two attractive young women, about 25 perhaps, must have seen me (they passed me at a distance of about 20 meters) but I rapidly turned around and hid what I was doing, just feeling a little embarrassed, not thinking so much about it at the time. The women didn't react much, just smiled sort of knowingly and continued on their way. But subconsciously the fact that they had seen me stroking my already big hardon and smiled about it must have stuck in my mind somehow.

Not long after that I was at the library, sitting in a corner looking at pictures in a photographic magazine that contained quite a few ”artistic” pictures of scantily clad young women, some ”artistic” nudes as well. I was very excited by this and had opened my fly, had pulled out my cock, and was stroking it under the table when suddenly a beautiful girl about 17 in a tight, short, snugly fitting cotton dress, quite voluptuous, entered the reading room where I had been alone until then. She couldn't see that I was exposed under the table but looking at her, so totally wonderful and alive just a couple of meters away was such a pleasant shock that I came! I was totally surprised. In my already very excited state her appearance and adorable looks elicited a spontaneous orgasm! (Apparently I was already extremely vulnerable to the sensuaal impact of female beauty...) Quite a lot of sperm shot out in several spirts that landed with very audible splashes on the stone floor. The girl heard and looked about, then noticed the wet white substance on the floor. As she looked the last spirt landed with a splash. She stared at the puddle a moment and then looked up at me quizzically. I looked down at the magazine, trying to sink through the floor. But she just left the room. I quickly put my softening sticky member back in my pants, got up and left the room I was in, in order to leave the building. I saw the girl talk to a librarian and got instantly very nervous but apparently she was just asking about some book. She only looked at me in a strange way as I left, and obviously kept what she had seen to herself. What stayed in my mind was her widening eyes the moment she must have realized what the puddle on the floor was, and her wonderfully round, enticingly moving ass as she left the room. Masturbating, I saw those two things many times in my mind's eye the following weeks. In fact I can still see that perfect ass, barely covered by her short tight dress. Talk of a strong imprint! Later on, asses like hers always remained a very strong trigger for the flashing urge I was about to develop.

After the library incident a quite firm idea was planted in my mind. What it meant was that I had happened to discover that it was very pleasurable to play with myself near an attractive girl. So instead of just wanking by myself I started to walk about town and look for cuties to admire, ready to stroke in secret. I figured out that if I let my dick and balls hang out through one leg opening in my underpants my cock could grow easily to full size down my trouser leg. The bulge became very significant, but if I held some shirt or jacket in front of me no one would notice. What's more the friction between the trouser fabric, my hard member and my leg felt very good as I walked. It was actually a kind of automatic handsfree masturbation. I could also put my hand in my pocket and finger my hardon lightly if I wanted. I found use for it immediately, the very first time I went out like that, heading downtown a summer day with plenty of sexy girls about. At a crosswalk, waiting for the light to say go, stood a girl about 20 in a short, tight dress, all white, which showed off all her delicious curvature. Mmmm. Nice. I felt myself growing rapidly. When the light switched I followed her, eagerly admiring the unspeakably wonderful rolling movement of her buttocks only thinly covered. The pleasure I experienced was really intense. I continued following her, getting more and more excited and harder than I'd ever been, it felt like. Soon I felt that I was in risk of cumming and became afraid that I would soil my pants. So I headed off to a small park where I could hide inside a thicket. There I freed my rock hard erection and hardly had it out in the open before I had a tremendous, deep orgasm.

Once I realized how pleasant it could be to masturbate or at least stroke lightly in secret while looking at cute girls outside somewhere, I started doing it all the time everywhere I could.

I think I must have born with a kind of exaggerated hypersensitivity to female beauty. I remember already when I was 6 or 7 that I could get transported with joy att the sight of a pretty girl. I also liked to play with girls and easily won their approval, making them laugh and generally have fun with them. (I've always been good at making easy and relaxed contact with girls and women, also all the time I was an active flasher, so I wasn't a ”perv” because of any social inability.) As soon as I started to enter puberty I rapidly became aware of the purely sexual allure of older girls as well, and very easily got erect when I saw their bulging tits, rolling buttocks, soft well-shaped naked legs. At 10-11 I didn't know what to do with myself when those wonderful ”girl feelings” came over me except play with myself as soon as I was alone. I developed early and quickly but my flirting ability and insight into the minds of sexually developed young cuties didn't parallel my naïve horniness. At 12 and already more or less full-grown between my legs I was constantly really horny, but still totally inexperienced, the need and urge to do something with my constant ”saw a sexy girl”-induced excitement became pressing. At 12 I couldn't exactly approach the 15-18 year-olds I admired so and expect them to take me seriously. But they were free to look at and get an erection to have fun with...

So, after the library squirt and my discovery of secret masturbation in public places I had found a way to satisfy the quite demanding sexual craving I had and didn't know how to handle. I could perhaps have benefited from some non-judgmental adult advice, but such wasn't available. I rapidly became an accomplished ”public” Masturbator, that is I masturbated more and more outside in public places. I saw to it that no one could see what I did (I think...) but given the frequency of the habit it was just a matter of time before an ”accident” would happen.

Story 2

I think I started somewhere around 13-14. I first enjoyed being naked at home. After a while I started to lay naked outside. We lived in the country-side, so nobody really could see me. I kept doing this until somebody in the family noticed me (I think it was my middle brother). After that I couldn't do it at home anymore, so I started doing it in a park nearby school. I think I did this for a while without anybody really noticing me.

The first time I remember girls seeing me was in the park. The girls where probably in their early teens, and they were on their way home from school. They noticed me, and then asked me if I enjoyed myself. I turned away so they couldn't see me, but then they just walked around me so they could see me again. I'm not sure if I ejaculated or not, but they stood looking at me for a while. I think this was the event that got me hooked on flashing. '

Story 3

When I was about 11 I lived in a neighborhood with lots of families and kids some I have know since babies. At this time a family of 3 girls moved in across the street, ages 13,10, and about 7. Not the most attractive bunch but we hung out a lot and they where a very nice family. I used to hang out with the 13 year old (call her jamie) the most. A little chunky but massive tits for her age. I just could not stop starring at them and she knew it. We would chill in her room alone all the time and she would always be bra-less and a lose t-shirt on. After some time into out friendship I finally got the balls to to something, We were sitting on her bed watching TV, she crawled forward to change the channel and I could see up the bottom of her shirt. He tits were so magnificent! The underside of her boobs were so inviting so I reached my hand in the and grabbed one of her massive tits... she just froze, looked back and me and asked if I was enjoying that. Holy crap this was amazing! I can still remember that feeling today!

This opened up a whole new chapter in out relationship. It became a regular routine that my hands, eventually mouth would be all over her tits every time I would go over to her house. It was a blast! She always laughed when I would get an erection and was all for me going to "take care of it" In the beginning she would glance over at me while I masturbated in her bathroom. Sometimes she would act like she needed something and walk in there and check me out. Soon I would have my cock in one hand and her tits in another. Now remember, I am an 11 year old playing with tits, being watched while I jerk off and now cumming on the most beautiful tits I would ever lay my hands on. She would always giggle when I would release myself onto her, occasionally she would play with it and comment how sticky it was. One time I got her to lick some off her finger and that got me instantly hard again!

Story 4

I remember back in the early 70's around the age of 7 or 8 staying over at my friend's house. His parents were sort of hippies and his mom didn't seem to mind me seeing her topless which excited me even at that young age. Then I started creating ways for her to see me naked. I would get my clothes wet and have to change or fall in the mud and have to change. At which time she would send me to my friend's room and tell me to get out of the dirty clothes and she would come in and give me some of my friend's clothes to put on. One time in particular I remember I was standing in front of her naked while she was sitting on the bed going through my friend's dresser looking for clothes for me and she looked up and I had a little erection. She flicked it with her finger which made it bounce and laughed and said little boys are so cute. Then she looked me in the eyes and smiled, handed me the clothes and left the room.

At that same age I also spent a considerable amount of time with a girl around my same age that lived down the street. We would go behind her house and play the I'll show you mine, if you show me yours game quite often and it was fun until we got caught by her mother. Then her mother told my mother and that had to stop for a while.

Also around that age, probably up until the age of 9 I had some early experiences. Both of my parents worked, so in the summer I went to what is referred to as daycare today, back then it was called nursery school. That is where I would spend all my weekdays in the summer.

Well it was summer and the style back then was short shorts, so that is what I wore. My first flash I was sitting at a table across from 2 girls about my same age. I don't know why I decided to try it, but I hiked up the leg of my shorts and pulled out my penis and told one of the girls to look under the table. She looked and then came up with a smile on her face and whispered in the other girl's ear. The girl looked at me then looked at the other girl and said I've never seen a boy's weiner before. So, the first girl says, well look then. So, she looked under the table. They enjoyed it as much as I did and they kept taking turns looking. Then later on they took me back into this little closet the girls used to use to play house. Once in there they said they wanted to see again. So, I pulled down my shorts and gave them a full view of everything I had. We sat in there for probably 30 minutes with them playing with it and asking me questions about it. It was wonderful getting all that attention. Sorry I don't recall all the specific questions, but I do remember their faces and smiles while playing with me.

Those are the earliest memories I have. I continued on into my teenage years and when I was 16 or 17 is when I started to get into trouble for it. I was seen in my back yard by the neighbor lady and I also got in trouble for having my dick hanging completely out of my zipper in a convenience store. I learned to be more subtle after that, at least until I found a willing audience to whip it out for.

Story 5

I remember the very first flash I ever did. I was in first grade. I was wearing tan cordhoury pants. At recess outside they had developed a small split, and there was a small hole in the bottom, right in the crotch. Back in class we were doing group projects and desks were pushed together facing each other to make small table groupings. I began putting my finger into the hole in the pants , making it larger, and was feeling my penis. Across from me was a cute girl with long blond hair named Gail. I was looking at her as I played with myself. I got erect. As the class went on, I suddenly felt the urge to take out my penis. I pushed it through the hole in the pants, and left it hanging out, totally exposed under the desks, with a full boner. Then, unexpectedly, Gail dropped something and bent under the desks. It was a total accident, and no one had any idea I was exposed. I just sat there, and a few seconds later, Gail came back up , and looked right at me! She had a shocked expression, as if in disbelief, which then turned to a smirk! I sat there, paralyzed and she looked under the desks again! I was fully exposed! She came back up and looked right at me again, as if in disbelief! I loved the look on her face, and she bent down a third time! I just sat there, with a full erection!. When she emerged, after a longer look this time, she had a smirk, and then a smile. She didn't say anything, but keep staring or glancing at me, and I got scared , and I quickly put myself back in the pants! She never said anything to me, but , from that time on, I was hooked on flashing!

Years later, when I was in high school, I passed her in the hall. She was wearing a miniskirt, walking with a friend. As we passed, she smirked, and I heard her tell her friend "I saw his penis when we were little!" Her friend said "not bad". I was so horny I went to the bathroom in the library and jerked off thinking about it, my first public flash. Years later, both Gail and I remembered it!

Story 6

I started when I was about 10 or 11. I had a cousin who was 2 years younger than me. Kids doing that show me yours stuff. She asked, I showed. The first time it was kinda awkward. I can remember her giggling. Which was embarrassing. But afterwards it turned me on. A girl had actually seen my dick. WOW! Next time she asked I didn't feel so awkward. After two or three times of her asking I got up the nerve to ask to see hers as well. After that I showed it off every chance I got. It was such a turn on seeing that shocked-confused-curious look on a girls face.

One of the advantages of growing up in a rural area was lots of barns, sheds, groves of trees. Lots of places and cover to hide in. There were places that kids would gather to hang out. I was at a barn once, nobody there but me, waiting to see if other kids would show up. About 12 years old. I had to take a leak. As I'm standing there with it out, this girl turns the corner, sees it, and gasps. She was the first girl to see it that I wasn't related to. From her look and reaction I don't think she had ever seen one before. But she didn't stop looking. I stood there for what seemed like minutes, dick out, her staring. When I would see her after that she always giggled. I know she told her friends. They would all do that girl giggle together and whisper things to each other when they saw me. Some even got brave enough to ask to see it. Those were the days

Story 7

The first time I was 18 years old. My mother hired a cleaning lady that always cleaned the house in bra. panties and a slip. The first time I cam home and saw her was when she was at the top of the stairs to our 2nd floor apartment, bent over brushing something into a dust pan. She was wearing an open bottom girdle with stockings under the slip. Her panties were on over the girdle, so there was a small gap in the panty crotch. Her pussy was very hairy and she had black hair. Her panty crotch was bordered by a thatch of jet black pubic hair.

Her bras were loose and she bent over a lot in front of me. If her tits weren't so big, the bra would have dropped away and I'd be able to see her nipples. She must have been at least a "D" cup, so all I could see were the tops and sides of massive tits. This, of course, created an instant hard-on, and she never failed to notice the effect that showing her tits had on me.

I would get in from school, go to my room and change clothes. Invariably, after a couple of minutes, she would walk into my room to talk to me. Usually, I had put on a fresh T-shirt and a new pair of tighty whities before she came in. Of course, knowing she was coming in always caused me to pop a major boner, so she would chat and stare at my bulge for a while.

Soon, I felt that it was time to up the game. I came in from school and went into my room, I stripped naked and held the T-Shirt as if I was just about to pull it over my head. I heard her coming toward my room. I immediately developed a throbbing hard-on knowing that she was going to see it in a few seconds. Momentary panic set in. What if it upset her and she told my mother? Too late to put the tighty whities on, she was about to turn into the doorway. I let the T-shirt slide down and when it passed my eyes, there she was in my room, staring intently at my hard cock. She didn't say a word. She was just giving my hard cock a laser stare. It never happened to me before, but having her stare hard at my throbbing cock was so exciting that I came without ever touching my cock. I'm not talking about a few mild squirts. This was a grunting, hip-thrusting all-out orgasm. I thought I was going to pass out.

She looked at me for a moment and then asked why I was so hard and why I came like that. I told her the truth. I wanted her to see my hard cock and when she stared at it so hard, it triggered a powerful orgasm. She admitted that she had been trying to get a look at my cock and really enjoyed the performance.

God bless 18 year-olds. That statement caused another hard-on and she sat on my bed and asked me to walk to her. I did and she asked me if I minded if she touched my cock. I assured her that it was A-OK! My girlfriend at the time liked playing with my cock and almost always made me come. This on the other hand, was without question, a World Class Handjob that she was now giving me. I was getting weak in the knees and had to lay down. That caused her to start sucking my cock which triggered an immediate ejaculation into her mouth. I was totally limp and drained. She smiled and asked if I liked her handling of my cock. I couldn't tell her enough great thinks about how good it felt.

Story 8

I was 16 the first time I flashed. My bedroom had the linen closet in the corner by a window. The woman next store didn't work and was home all the time. I wanted to see if she was interested in seeing me naked.

Her master bedroom was right across the driveway and I saw her changing the sheets on her bed. I walked to the window, naked with a raging boner (stupid and dangerous, I know). I pretended to fiddle with what was in the linen closet but kept checking to see if she noticed. Within a few minutes I saw her head jerk up and she came to the curtains by her window. She was trying to look at me without being seen, so I started jerking off. I could see the curtain parted by the edge of her window and knew she was staring intently. Within minutes, I could feel that familiar feeling that says you're going to come right now. I didn't know what to do, but didn't want to come on the carpet, so I turned to the window and shot the biggest load of my life on it. She was so shocked that she moved the curtain aside to get a better look.

After that day, she was in her bedroom almost every afternoon after I got home from school. She always stood squarely in the window now, looking directly at me. I jerked off and came for her 2 or 3 times a week until Summer vacation. She stopped looking after that.

She was the next door neighbor and good friends with my parents. After the first time, I was panicked thinking she'd tell my parents what I'd done. She never said a word.

However, whenever she came over to visit my folks, she always did a direct stare at my crotch, which, because I was 16, produced an almost instantaneous rock hard boner. I made sure she got to see that, but we never had any other interactions. She never said anything to me about seeing me jerk off and come on the window. I was hoping that she'd let me see her naked, but that never happened.